Benefits — Why Use R+B Sten-Tel?

Reduce your Transcription Costs By 40% or More!

Our system’s features and functionality can provide you with the very best solution for documenting patient encounters, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  Almost every aspect of the application can be customized to meet your needs and fit your current work process.

Status Quo for Clinicians

Dictation is the quickest means for a clinician to document a patient encounter. Our system allows clinicians to continue to practice medicine as they have for decades, while properly documenting the details of every patient encounter quickly and efficiently.  R+B Sten-Tel provides a no hassle, all-inclusive solution that allows clinicians to concentrate on what they do best: practice medicine.

Automated Follow up for Referring Clinicians

Transcriptions can be routed automatically via Auto-fax or a Referral Folder within the system.  Alternatively, convenient features exist to help in the standard mailing of transcriptions -- automatically printing the number of transcriptions required (based upon the number of copied clinicians on a report), automatically creating a #10 envelope for each copied clinician, automatically generating a standard cover letter.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR), HIS or Clinical Repository Integration at No Additional Cost

If you have an EMR, HIS or Clinical Repository System in place, we can automatically populate all transcriptions into your system.  If an EMR system is in your future, then we will maintain and store all the history needed to populate your future EMR when it becomes a reality.  Imagine implementing an EMR and having two or three years of patient history already loaded!

No Monetary or Contractual Investment Required

No capital expenditure, no software purchase, no maintenance costs, no contracts are required.  You can download as many copies of our software as you need at no extra cost.


Our highly qualified staff is diligent about Quality Assurance (QA), using multiple levels to ensure overall accuracy.  Many companies tout 98% accuracy.  This means 2 words in 100 are incorrect.  Don’t settle for less than 99.9% accuracy.

Industry Acceptance

Our web based software package is used by over 2,000 medical facilities, ranging from large universities to two-doctor medical groups.


We use state of the art, 128-bit encryption throughout our system.  Whether you are transferring dictations or processing transcriptions, you can be assured that R+B Sten-Tel meets all HIPAA and HCFA regulations.  User access to system content can be allocated based on clinician, location, and work type.

On-line Accessibility from any computer

R+B Sten-Tel provides instantaneous, 24/7/365 access to all transcriptions to any authorized user.  We never delete any transcriptions as long as you are one of our clients.


We are committed to providing quality products and responsive service to our clients at no additional charge.  The Implementation Team ensures a seamless transition to our platform.  The Interface Team is well versed in the current healthcare interfacing standards.  The Support/Help Desk Team is available for questions and guidance 7AM to 7PM CST Monday through Friday.  The mission is to provide a live help desk team member to each call and solve issues as quickly as possible.  All servers and applications are monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.

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